Somerset Community TV 11, also known as Channel 11 is in its third year under the management of John Harlow, this year our organization has received 501c3 non-profit status.   The station continues to improve in providing municipal, cultural, educational and local governmental content on TV, Facebook, Youtube and now on our new website Not only does our website provide a view-able archive of the content we have created, and info about the station, but also provides a 24 hour schedule of programming.

This year we have budgeted for 500 hours of taping in the community by our staff, however SCTV 11 also has cameras available to be loaned out by the public. We urge the public to make use of our equipment and knowledge of video production, we will help you create videos and broadcast your own content, this is the heart of ‘community TV’.

SCTV 11 has been operating on a digital server, which gives us greater control over programming and allows us to insert shorter clips periodically in the schedule.  With these adaptations, SCTV 11 aims to keep up with the ever changing world we live in. With advances in technology and our evolving communities SCTV 11 intends to have a place in the future.

Contact information:
John Harlow, Station Director
Mailing Address: 108 Old Point , Madison, ME 04950
Telephone: (207) 696-4145

Board of Directors:
Darla Pickett, Chair (Skowhegan Selectmen)
Ron Moody, Madison Selectmen
Pat Hayward, Secretary
Jeff Evans, Skowhegan Member at Large
Betty Vining, Treasurer
Colby Seams, Anson Member At Large
Peter Sirios, Madison Member At Large